Stand Your Scope


Bad pun regarding the name of the game “Stand your ground” aside, I’m starting to develop a new game. Something simple I actually want to finish. In the past I’ve had huge issues with scope creep, starting a simple game only to have it spiral down into a MMORPG with millions of players within a few eeks of working on it. I’m now trying to get around that by setting...

Cubic Bézier spline


In the previous post we had a look at what Bézier curves are and how they can form a spline. In this post we will have a look at how the code storing such a spline is going to work. For this part I will be using C# and making use of Unity’s Vector2 classes. As I mentioned before, I will only need open paths. Moreover, I will only need 2D (horizontal plane) paths as the height will be given...

A new journey


I’ve been trying to make this game for about a year now and I’ve always ended up abandoning it. No more! The idea behind the game is simple enough, you have a car, some procedural terrain, an equally procedurally generated road and you need to get between points A and B within a given time.Why? That’s something I still have to figure out. I’ve been thinking about the main...