Driving Game

Cubic Bézier spline


In the previous post we had a look at what Bézier curves are and how they can form a spline. In this post we will have a look at how the code storing such a spline is going to work. For this part I will be using C# and making use of Unity’s Vector2 classes. As I mentioned before, I will only need open paths. Moreover, I will only need 2D (horizontal plane) paths as the height will be given...

Bézier curves and splines


I’m not going to go over the mathemathics of what a Bézier curve is, there’s plenty of resources explaining that online including a lengthgy Wikipedia page that can be found here. Main thing you need to know is that there’s multiple types of Bézier curves, differentiated by the equations that give them. For our needs we will use the Cubic Bézier curve, connecting them end to...

A new journey


I’ve been trying to make this game for about a year now and I’ve always ended up abandoning it. No more! The idea behind the game is simple enough, you have a car, some procedural terrain, an equally procedurally generated road and you need to get between points A and B within a given time.Why? That’s something I still have to figure out. I’ve been thinking about the main...