Stand Your Scope

Stand Your Scope


Bad pun regarding the name of the game “Stand your ground” aside, I’m starting to develop a new game. Something simple I actually want to finish. In the past I’ve had huge issues with scope creep, starting a simple game only to have it spiral down into a MMORPG with millions of players within a few eeks of working on it. I’m now trying to get around that by setting the whole scope of the game before even starting to write a single line of code.
I have to admin though, I did make a prototype and play around with it for a bit just to make sure that what I wanted to build was at least remotely fun.

So, what’s the game then? Well, rather weirdly, even though the game is called “Stand your ground” the main idea is you have to keep pushing forward, making your way to the end of the level using covers and raw firepower wherever possible.
Essentially, you spawn at one end of a street, row of buildings on the left, row of buildings on the right and a cracked road under your feet. From here all that matters is getting to the other hand. There’s enemies along the way, all armed, ranged or melee, that are trying to stop you. The good news is they drop dead with a single shot since you’re such a marksmen. The bad news is so do you since you know, bullets make it kind of hard to keep going.

Now, to begin with all I want to do it have the road and row of buildings done for a level or two and then take it from there. I will rely rather heavily on 3rd party scripts for some of the functionality so I am not going to provide code bits for that but I am going to cover most of the bits that I find interesting or challanging.

So, with that being said, see you in part two.