A new dawn

A new dawn


For quite a while now I’ve had this idea of an open ended game. A game where the main point is to just play the game. There is no PvP, there is no end goal just pretty things to look at and a relaxing easy gameplay that you can go through whilst thinking about your day.

In other words, imagine Civilizations but without the wars, without the religious victories, no turn based mechanic and an endless map with endless tiles and players to discover and engage with. As such Small Spheres was born. The concept is pretty straight forward.
You start on a planet with a given number of tiles and you slowly develop your civilization, doing some research, the main point in the early stages being to get to a point where you can start exploring your solar system. That’s it in big lines. I have a few other surprises about the project that I’m going to reveal as we move along but for now that should give you an idea of what to expect from it.

Initially I had planned to develop this as a web based game but then I figured that given the complexity of some of the mechanics I want in the game, it’s not really well suited for that. Whilst this will be still let’s say, web integrated, it is going to require a Unity based client to play. For now the target is to develop a client for Windows and then port it over to other OSes and potentially mobile but we shall see how far we get.

That being said, let’s get cracking by creating a GitHub repository and setting up all the basics we’ll need with Unity.