The Universe Has No Bounds

The Universe Has No Bounds


I’m starting a new game. Yes, I know, it’s the 4th thing I’m working on at the same time but this one I actually have a plan for, start to finish and moreover, a plan to get it done.
The idea is relatively simple, take everything I like about RTS, Idle Clicker and Exploration games and merge them into a single thing.
It is also the first time I’m developing a game for Android/iOS (mobile) so I expect there will be a lot of interesting challenges coming up over the next many months this project is going to take to wrap up.

In terms of “What can you do?” in it there’s quite a few things so here’s my vision for it but we’ll go over each as they get developed.

Because this will be a commercial project, not all of the code will be made public but all of the concepts will be explored and explained.

Start on the ground

Players will start on a planet. Randomly generated to provide a sense of uniqueness to their experience. Each player has their own home planet that cannot be destroyed and can only be attacked in certain scenarios.

Free form placement allows you to add building to produce different things, from ships to very extra amazing ships and other things I guess. Then automated drones will go from building to building to make sure things actually happen.

Anyway, before I dive too deep into that let’s get crackin on the code. In the next post.